Bonus Joules and the Knowledge Economy
Teaching and learning about energy- better energy use- enhancing health and wealth.

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Send a suggestion.

Are you aware of:

  • a little known use of energy that generates large quantities of bonus joules? 

  • a phrase,sentence or resource that truly expresses the majesty of energy?

  • a resource that creates very large learning blocks to people understanding the nature of energy?

  • a concept or resource that works against the generation of bonus joules and promotes the generation of junk joules?

  Note: This site can always be improved on too!. 

All ideas, suggestions, references are welcome with

Please Ė no more than 100 words. While I cannot promise to respond to you, I do give my commitment to protect your privacy. 

You can snail mail me images from newspapers, magazines etc to:

Bonus Joules

Box 38028

Wellington Mail Centre,

New Zealand 

Some great ideas for revealing our thermodynamic beings:

  • Always search for a language of energy so images (words and graphics) reveal its majesty.

  • Energy comes in many forms and cannot be created or destroyed.

  • Humans are an energy equation that includes air.

  • Airís capacity to transfer thermal energy by convection is high and by conduction is low.



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