Bonus Joules and the Knowledge Economy
Teaching and learning about energy- better energy use- enhancing health and wealth.

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This site did much to support my experience that there just had to be better models than the Greenhouse model for communicating the thermodynamics of Earth's atmosphere.

The Rocky Mountain Institute is the source of a fantastic range of ideas for using energy more effectively. It is the birthplace of the concept of negawatts which in turn begat the concept of bonus joules.

This site contains some useful definitions of energy. It contains nothing on Climate Change but does have a link to a site that will give you an idea of the arguments surrounding the impact of human activities on the atmosphere.

If you want to read the text of the United Nation's Convention on Climate Change, this is the place to go. Some people say UN officials live in a fish bowl. Not true. Nor do they live in a greenhouse despite all the talk here of greenhouse gases.They are really talking about the very special and powerful Warmer Trace Gases. These gases are able absorb and re-emit infrared radiation and in their absence Earth's surface would be over 30oC cooler! Human activities are changing their relative quantities

A lot of useful looking links don't seem to work. I have asked them to track down a very good summary for teachers of the likely impact of Climate Change that seems to have disappeared.



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