Bonus Joules and the Knowledge Economy
Teaching and learning about energy- better energy use- enhancing health and wealth.

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You live. 

You breathe.

You are a thermodynamic being.  

You use energy.  

But can you define energy? 

You know there is enough energy to make the universe work.

Do you ever wonder why it is that on a small planet called Earth human beings freeze, starve and fight each other because of a ‘lack of energy’?

What makes them forget so many of the wondrous forms of energy available for their use?

Step out on a journey with me and discover the world of Bonus Joules. 

We will explore energy from many points of view and in many subjects.

We will share some hard times and face epic challenges but the joy of Bonus Joules will prevail. As William Blake says “Energy is Eternal Delight”.

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