Trace gas throws up dozens of images of machines and people standing around. However a 15 minute search fails to reveals a single illustration that communicates the nature of trace gases. Most peculiar. Illustrations are surely a powerful way of evoking images of the rare nature of these vitalising gases. Wait! Some scientists symbolise the atmosphere as a greenhouse.


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Page one search through Google via IMAGE on greenhouse gas includes:
- 3 groups of people and 1 group of sheep; 
-two shots of clouds;
-duplicates of proposals for burying unwanted gases;
-8 charts of gas emissions per state, per country, per time, per combustion type  

The only link that looks like revealing the nature of the Warmer Trace Gases
no longer works.
Junk Joules' pick of the page and pride and joy is an exquisite example of the redefining of energy to serve a very narrow sector interest.  

(Commentary 2003)

Chapter Five - Land of the Other - A Goggle at Google.         

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