Junk Joulesí smile broadens as I search for illustrations of greenhouse effect. I see why. Every page is spliced with illustrations of greenhouses. I understand more why I felt affronted by the mechanistic image of this vibrant pulsating planet stuck in a crude human construction. Still no images portraying the pivotal role of trace gases in enabling Life. Even my own web illustrations fail me.

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A 5 page search  (i.e. 100 illustrations i.e.  more than the layperson or the average harassed teacher would search) reveals:
-Every page has at least one illustration of a greenhouse spliced into the conglomerate image. The first three pages each have three spliced into them.
-Page one invoked the greenhouse image 32 times and this seems to be the pattern.

The image of the Happy/Sad Earth is a strong contender but Junk Joules' pick of the page is Earth in a Bottle.

The Bonus Joules award goes to The Three Factors. It is simple, informative and creates the least learning blocks to the understanding of air. This said the site failsl to reveal any useful symbols of the Warmer Trace Gases, its arrow symbols of energy movements arrows are crude and it does evoke the greenhouse image.   

Chapter Five - Land of the Other - A Goggle at Google.         

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