Imagining the Warmer Trace Gases is awe inspiring.  Human breath and life is born of everything and nothing. Exploring these gases reveals how close we are to nothing. If human changes to them are even altering the waves of the ocean, it beholds us to know more of these Trace gases. I have a goggle at Google. Search: Warmer Trace Gas.


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Google’s use of the  ‘image’  symbol to describe only illustrations and photos is most unhelpful. 

It is more helpful to understand that we generate images in response to the impact of symbols on any of our senses. The symbols may be in the form of smells, tastes, sounds, touch and sights. Visual stimuli may be in the form of illustrations, photos, graphics or word text, scuptures, architecture etc. However they are not images. 

Images are created in us as a response to a symbol use and that response is determined by the a vast association  of emotions based on our life experiences and  the totality of our associations with the symbol in all its forms.

For instance the smell of tomatoes,  the word "greenhouse" , a photo of a greenhouse,  the plans of a greenhouse, the sound of someone saying "greenhouse" all work to evoke a similar image. Depending on ones life experiences the image may be associated with peace and calm, control and order, shelter and security or it may be associated with stress and overheating, excess moisture and parched thirst etc. As  result peoples behaviour in response to the use of a symbol of a greenhouse varies with their aggregate atitude to greenhouses.

It is helpful to understand that our conscious moments are only trace elements of our being. Sustainable psychology acknowledges this and the fact that images are born of billions of associations - few of them conscious. This is not well understood outside the PR (advertising) industry where it forms the basis of  imagineering 

Google's use of the image symbol obscures and subverts this psychology. It is another reason why "scientists" , "climate experts" "energy experts" fail to understand how their use of key symbols impacts on their audience's behaviour and why they become unwitting agents of Greenwash, PR Spin and Energy Gobbledygook in general. 

In this example of the greenhouse symbol it promotes a profoudly flawed vision of human's roleon Earth while destroying sustainable uses of the Greenhouse symbol.

* Imagineering is a play on the words image and engineering. Its use reflects a growing awareness of the power and role of images in our lives.  

Chapter Five - Land of the Other - A Goggle at Google.         

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