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Definition: The energy symbol

Energy is the potential of the universe(s).

Energy is all that is and all that could possibly be.

Energy is so bounteous it can usefully be considered a constant (It cannot be created or destroyed.) and it continually transforms (The universe(s) is constant change.)

Energy is manifest in myriad transient forms, which exist for the period that the energy flows sustaining it remain relatively in balance. Examples:

Water in = water out, thus the lake exists

Thermal energy in = thermal energy out, thus the watery planet exists

Energy is paradox: energy is all forms and no form is energy. We deny reality (the universal change) when we symbolize a form or group of forms as energy. 

Example of psychosis: energy is symbolised as petroleum.

When we give each form a symbol according to its unique properties we are better able to reflect reality and enjoy greater harmony with all.

Any form can be observed from many perspectives, including its thermal, gravitational, electromagnetic, kinetic, chemical and other potentials.

Human beings are integral to the universal flux and are mortal beings. Thus we live in uncertainly and cannot know the full potential. Our act of observing affects the observed in ways we cannot know.

In any moment only a trace amount of the potential is actualized or realized. The vast bulk of the incredibly bounteous possibilities remain unrealized. We are each sentient of only a trace amount that of that which is realized.

Our awareness of the possibilities affects how the potential is manifest. In other words our thoughts and feelings are actions within the universal flux of potential actions.Example:

The rock is not moving and yet its potential to move affects all movement underneath it. For instance we human beings know its gravitational potential and refrain from building our dwellings underneath it.

In summary

Energy is the potential of the universe(s) and is manifest in myriad forms. Give each form its own symbol so it can be more fully known. Do this and our children can better know the bounteous nature of energy and enjoy the vitality of its transformations.

Symbol origins

*[French Únergie, from Late Latin energ a, from Greek energeia, from energos, active : en-, in, at; see en-2 + ergon, work; see werg- in Indo-European roots.]

*[Middle English potencial, from Old French potenciel, from Late Latin potenti lis, powerful, from Latin potentia, power, from pot ns, potent-, present participle of posse, to be able; see potent.]

*[Middle English, from Old French univers, from Latin niversum, from neuter of niversus, whole : nus, one; see oi-no- in Indo-European roots + versus, past participle of vertere, to turn; see wer-2 in Indo-European roots.]


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