At this point in my journey I stumble on an even more astonishing idea. Early pre-algae Earth our atmosphere was utterly hostile like Mars and Venus*. Plants formed and, using solar energy, transformed the atmosphere to the one we enjoy today. They removed carbon dixide and added oxygen and already we have seen how oxygen and ozone enable us to walk the land surface of Earth.


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Early pre algae earth                     CO2=98.0%    O=0.0  %    N=1.7%    Argon=??

Present atmosphere of Mars        CO2=98.0%    O=0.13%   N=2.7%    Argon=1.6%

Present atmosphere of Venus      CO2=96.5%   O=Trace      N=3.5%    Argon=Trace

Present atmosphere of Earth       CO2=0.37%   O=21.0%   N=78.%    Argon=0.9%


Chapter Six - Land of the Lost Trace Gases - A Eureka Moment.        

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