Always the civilised flame has been a symbol of inspiration, Then came the electric light switch. Incandescent light bulbs became the 20th Century symbol of inspiration.  The 21st Century brings change again. The bulb is obsolete. It is now Junk Joules. There are a much brighter ideas.* I act to alert cartoonists of the world.


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A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) can transform a Watt of electricity into about five  times the amount of light energy that an incandescent bulb can. This means less investment is required in electricity generation and distribution systems and their negative impacts on the environment are reduced. Fuels such as oil can be conserved for more vital activities like future food production.


Warning: Some manufacturers label their CFLs as Energy Savers. This is nonsense and a good example of PR Energy Gobbledygook.  Energy is conserved regardless of the type of lamp used.  The incandescent bulb may  transform electricity into heat but the amount of energy still remains constant. The heat may have some small value as it adds to the residual warmth of a room. However sometimes much of the heat cannot be used effectively or is a liability in warm climates. Regardless of its form or value for us, the total amount of energy remains constant.


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