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 The Practical Application

 The Sustainability Principle of energy is a guide founded in the great principles of physics and the insights of neural psychology that enables us to transcend the limitations of our ego and act in more sustainable ways.  

It is an eminently practical tool that a child of ten can use. Its main requisite is a sense of compassion with its associated spirit of inclusiveness, inquiry, reflection and honesty. It is a guide in physics and a psychoanalytic tool that enables us to evaluate the relative sustainability of individuals and groups. 

Its application requires the constant, compassionate employment of two intimately related questions:

In what ways might my use of this symbol possibly deny change?

In what ways might my use of this symbol possibly deny stewardship? 

The change referred to is the universal constant change, of which we are integral.

The stewardship referred to is our role as actors amidst the universal flux conserving the balances and flows that sustain humanity.

Common examples of denial of change include:

  • Confusing ways of thinking with states of being.

  • Confusing energy with one or more of the forms it may be manifest as.

  • Confusing energy with its measure (power).

  • Confusing power with a form e.g. “electricity”.

  • Confusing state of change (typically omitting the use of the “up/down” symbols.

  • Projecting the problems caused by our failure as stewards onto energy and its major manifestations (typically omitting the use of the “use” symbol.)

  • Promoting the belief that humans can create, sustain, renew, generate, waste, lose, destroy or in other ways alter the nature of energy. 

The constant application of these two questions is required because we continually become aware of new perspectives, states and forms of energy. What may be a sustainable use of a symbol yesterday may not be so today. 

The value of the Sustainability Principle of Energy is best understood in its practical application –see the Sustainability Index of our prime symbols used in acceptance and denial.

Page last  updated: July 2010