I sure can understand why most of the gases are called Trace Gases. Combined they make up only a tiny portion of the total atmosphere and exist relatively in just mere traces.* I have to learn to think in terms of parts per thousand, even parts per million. Mind expanding stuff! I search the booklet for help, for some hint, some symbol that evokes such images.


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*Footnote: The concept of trace elements and trace gases dates from when they were first identified. Modern technology enables us to measure them down to a billionth of a gram but at first their equipment only enabled scientists to report “traces” of these substances present. 
Another term is minor gases but, as we will find out, certain trace gases play a very major role in supporting life.Other terms like rare and uncommon all have commonplace and confusing associations. 
Most people require some explanation of the term Trace Gas and this provides valuable opportunities to explain what tiny proportions of the atmosphere they represent and their powers of thermal leverage.

Chapter Six - Land of the Lost Trace Gases-A Traceless Chase.       

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