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                 First draft and incomplete Jan 2008


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sustainable uses of key symbols - including

energy energy efficiency
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Languages are sets of coincidences of meaning or symbols that enable sentient beings to communicate and share meaning. Though the symbol may directly involve as few as one sense, its use is governed by all the senses. This is because the choice of use of symbol and the response to the symbol are both determined by the totality of the experience of those sharing meaning through a symbol use. The sets of symbols contain grammar, or systems of rules, that are used to manipulate the symbols and these are what give them their communicative power.

Different communities of users may employ the same sound, object, visual display, motion, smell etc to convey very different meanings within their community. With humans, for instance, in Spanish communities the “nada” sound means “nothing’ while in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian communities it means “hope”. In order to comprehend a community it is necessary to understand both the unique meaning its ascribes to a symbol and the grammar it adopts.

If the Principle of the Conservation of Energy holds true then all communities live in a flux of change. Their language enables each community to reflect and communicate that reality so the community can live in greater harmony with the balances and flows of energy transformations. This means any sustainable language is subject to constant change and is a “living” system. The survival of the community is reliant on its capacity to conserve the fullest possible potential of its symbols to reflect this reality. Failure to conserve this potential results in a loss of viability and general harmony.

Students will appreciate the power of symbols and grammar with particular focus on English and Maori so they can explore and become stewards of New Zealand’s unique culture. They will also value other languages, including Mathematics, so they can better link to global communities, comprehend the “biological” languages of sentient beings on our planet and enjoy greater connection and harmony with our planet's systems and the greater universe.


Mathematics and Statistics -including exploring and making use of patterns and relationships in quantities, space and time so symbol use better reflects universal processes and generates greater meaning.



including understanding, using and creating oral, written, and visual texts of increasing complexity in English so New Zealand culture is sustained.



Maori- including understanding, using and creating oral, written, and visual texts of increasing complexity in Maori so New Zealand culture is sustained


Other human languages-
including the comprehension of a range of  grammar protocols and the use of strategies to learn human languages so the reflection and insights of other human communities can be shared.


Languages of sentient beings-
Including identifying and comprehending the languages of the communities of sentient beings inhabiting our planet so greater meaning is found in Earth’s biological systems.



Students will express their various Beings and the meaning gained from their insights into reality by learning languages, through languages and learning about languages.  These shall include the following Beings:


Thermal Beings - including  communication of insights into the balances of the  thermal flows of our universe and the care of them. Electrical Beings - including  reflecting the  potential in all electrical phenomena and sustainable  uses of them. Trace Beings- including  expressing  the trace elements  that comprise the universe(s)   and reflecting on their powers.


Human Beings- including  our mythology psychology,  sociology and the civics that sustains us. Earth  Beings -including  reflecting  the  tectonic forces of our planet in language and our roles as stewards of its minerals and soils.


Ocean Beings- including  reflecting  key water cycles and our roles as stewards of  water.

Atmospheric Beings- including  expressing the power of our breath and our role in all atmospheric processes.

Carbon Beings- including  reflecting key carbon cycles and our roles as stewards of carbon. Solar   Beings - including  reflecting the processes of our solar system and sharing sustainable uses of our solar potential.

 Universal Beings - including  expressing how we are part of the universe and describing all the different types of  being each individual can be viewed as.









Guiding Principles of Energy.

The Conservation Principle of Energy states energy cannot be created or destroyed and is subject to constant transformation.

The Uncertainty Principle of Energy states that in quantum physics the locating of a particle in a small region makes the momentum of the particle uncertain, and conversely, measuring the momentum of a particle precisely makes the position uncertain.

The Sustainability Principle of Energy states that when a symbol use works to deny change it will materially alter the potential of the universe (energy) in a way that results in a reduction in the capacity of the symbol user to mirror reality. When a symbol use works for the acceptance of change it will increase the capacity of the symbol user to mirror reality.

Conserving symbol potential: Link here to a list of 
sustainable uses of key symbols - including 
atmosphere carbon electricity energy energy efficiency greenhouse love power science

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Key ideas from  Rationale for Curriculum

Requisites for science to exist



Collegiality openness and sharing; 


Honesty and trust; 

Time and reflection 


Science and creativity:

 The above requisites enable quantum leaps in insight.


The power of symbols:

Symbols convey meaning and enable civilisation


Conserving the potential of our key symbols:

Any failure to conserve them puts us at greater risk.