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The Maranui Site looking North
The Trolley Bus terminal is immediately around the corner - see next photo.

The road to the left is Hungerford Road. 
It used to be called Dead Horse Road as it is very steep.
This fact plus the trolley bus terminal makes this a dangerous junction.
Moving the termimal to the entrance of the Marine Education Centre
at Maranu would reduce risks.

Maranui site looking towards Cook Strait in the South.
The iconic Baring Heads at Wellington's harbour entrance can be seen.
The photo does not do justice to their beauty and immediacy. 
The Update Page to view more photos in Life on the Cook Strait Life

The hills sides behind Maranui are regenerating coastal forest.
It would be possible to have a walkway through the reserve above the Centre.
Spectacular views abound of the Cook Strait geology, marine environment
and local flora. 
Te Raikaihau Point is beyond the next hill and is separated from the hills by the road.

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