Valuing your Utility Network's Potential 

         (Know your region's electrical potential.)



These poles are dedicated to New Zealand and other educators who are unbalanced and teach our children and their communities that these are “power poles” with “power wires” carrying “power” – where power is defined as Bulk-generated electricity

This pole is dedicated to all those educators who are balanced and teach our children and their communities that these are “utility poles” with “utility wires” carrying “ a range of services”.

The second group of educators are balanced and sustaining because they understand that these poles and wires are equally electrical wave carriers and communication media. They bequeath on our children and their communities the potential to benefit from the immense sustaining possibilities inherent in the coming confluence of a number of great new technologies including:

  • Broadband over 230 volt systems. 
  • Intelligent dwelling appliances and demand response systems designed to best serve the interest of individual citizens.
  • Dwelling scale generation (Wellington receives over two thousand solar hours year, enjoys a mean annual wind speed of 22 kilometers per hour and has piped Natural Gas.

As we exit the Cheap Oil-Gas Age any denial by communities of either potential will have profound negative impacts on their prospect. Put simply: the denial will cost them billions of dollars and result in their collapse into civil strife and deprivation.

It is helpful to know these basic facts:

The average barrel of mineral oil contains the equivalent of 25000 manhours of labour and 5 out of every 6 calories required to put a calorie of food on the average plate of 6.6 billion humans now comes from mineral oil.

The combustion of fuels and nuclear fission will become increasingly expensive as we impact on sustaining climate balances and deplete cheap uranium reserves.

Communities that cannot exploit the intelligence of their utility grid will be subject to extremes of inflation, stagflation and general breakdown.

The intelligence of their utility grid lies in its capacity to provide communities with profound mechanisms for enabling the efficient design and use of dwellings and appliances, maximising the potential of all manner of local resources, including their solar, wind, tidal, mineral, intellectual, artistic, academic, trading and spiritual resources. 

These wires and poles have always been about communication. They shape our vision of our communities and our landscape- from far off valleys and rivers and the very air we breathe. They also enable communities to develop intelligence of how they are operating.

The electrical waves they can carry have transformed lighting and our use of radio waves for all manner of cultural exchange.

The poles have carried traditional telephone lines and now, as this photo shows, optic fibre cables with broadband potential. 

For 80 years we have used these utility wires for communication in the form of ripple carrier signalling. What the unbalanced call Bulk-generated electricity or “power” wires have been used to, for instance, switch on and off heating systems to avoid unnecessary peak loads and so conserve resources such as fossil fuels, land and water. Now the potential exists for every electrical socket connected to the local network of wiring to transmit broadband now.

In summary: this photo of these pieces of wire, concrete and wood and nuts and bolts are electrical potential combined with communication potential giving us a total intelligence potential that is far greater than the simple sum of these individual potentials. They should be viewed and valued as a critical intelligence system.

Whereas Wellington City could have been an exemplar of sustainability for the world it is a now models dangerous and unsustainable practices.


The thin unsustainable piece of string holding is dedicated to the New Zealand Parliament. In 1998 it enacted fascist Electricity Industry Act legislation that disenfranchised 99.99% of New Zealanders. It forced communities to sell either their utility grid itself or its intelligence potential. New Zealanders no longer have any form of democratic control over the information of how their dwelling is used.  The legislation put zero or liability value on Civil Defence and  “energy efficiency” imperatives. 

While communities could retain ownership of local grids, control of meter boards with their ripple receivers was transferred to Bulk-generated electricity corporations. The use of intelligence potential of the utility grid is now almost entirely controlled by overseas bankers of these corporations.

Note: the Wellington City Council destroyed most of its community’s intelligence potential in 1993-1996 i.e. previous to Parliament's fascist legislation of 1998. See Fran Wilde  Mark Blumksy.

The current Government has further embedded the legislation into our national structures. See  Appended Note 1

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