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Communicating and teaching Climate Change from Junior school on:-The Nature of Energy – Earth’s Energy System – Humans as Thermodynamic Beings – Best uses of Air


 Summary of programme objectives:
To provide education models for teaching Climate and Insulation (Building and Clothing) processes that sustain both the thermal convection and conduction properties of air.
To reveal our thermodynamic beings.
To include the gases of the thermosphere and ozone layer in the explanation of transformations of solar energy.
To provide a focus on the nature of the Trace Gases.
To provide lesson activities for all levels based on common experiences and requiring only simple materials.
To provide sustainable scientific language and to identify the learning blocks created by popular uses of scientific terms and concepts of energy.

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I operate with minimal resources and funding.
I am developing a more extensive resource for communicating the nature of energy.
I am developing school-community resources communicating strategies to promote more sustainable uses of electricity, water, fossil fuels, building materials and other valuable resources.
However while I cannot promise to acknowledge and respond to you in full, I do give my commitment to protect your privacy.

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