What can an optimist do? Junk Joules has blockaded my dreams of giving as I take from the national grid. So I opt for the next best thing. We will all live poorer a while and I  will disconnect from the grid. Already we have created a five star* home. I increase its solar-based generation capacity till we are self-sufficient for electricity and heating. Junk Joules scorns it as a crazy investment.

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*Five star homes.  The State of Victoria has pioneered a system rating houses for "energy efficiency" . All new houses and apartments must meet the 5 Star standard. The rationale is that  "5 Star will create better houses for Victorians, improving occupant comfort and delivering greater energy and water savings through innovative building design." Already the scheme is being expanded across Australia and beyond.


Chapter Seven - The House of Life- Into The Dark Ages with the Dark Stuff.        

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