We are ready to join the electricity market. Our fridge, freezer, washing machine and various heaters are programmed to respond to Grid signals now. When electricity is 20 cents a kWh at peak Grid-load times they cut out. When the price drops t 4 cents a unit they cut back in. Appliances can be turned off now as a Grid signal automatically resets their times.

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PLC stands for Power Line Communication. This name is unhelpful and misleading on a number of counts. It has been possible to transmit simple messages down wires carrying AC electricity for fifty years. What is new is that soon it could well be possible to transmit broadband through the wires, once interference problems are finally sorted. This means the owners of the local grid will be able to transmit electricity, information, phone services and entertainment through it. More thoughts at Electric Thinking  USE YOUR BACK BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE JOURNEY.


Chapter Seven - The House of Life- Grid pains from Crossed Wires.        

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