I explore the web site and find treasures all over the place. Junk Joules always speaks with some truth. Its all there but not together. Several links away I find a page filled with moving images of energy sources. On another page I find gas emissions pulsing from a car. Yeeeha. I can link them all and make a real lively image.


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The Genesis Energy website contains many very useful graphics and it is important that they are all preserved. It can become an educational tool that NZ can be proud of if it preserves the images created during its development. This will enable students can learn how Science involves the continual refinement of ideas. Also, for instance, the original graphic of the plant illustrates the principle of the turbine with clarity not possible in its more sophisticated successor.

The site contains most of the graphics required to create an illustraton of a truly dynamic energy system a pulsing sun, moving clouds (which can easily be adapted to represent symbols of moving air), exhaust emissions, falling rain, breaking waves, symbols of flowing electricity and a radiating light bulb,

Note 2008 Education Module wa removed about two years ago because according to a Genesis Energy spokesperson,

" It was not working." The above graphic was made using illustrations of clouds, waves, the sun and air movement culled from elsewhere in the education module. This proved that fallacy of the claim by the Royal Society and other promoters of the resource that it was graphically impossible for  Genesis Energy to set the thermal plant in the context of an atmosphere. 


Chapter Five - Land of the Other-Upfront Weather?       

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