The mystery deepens. I find the Minister is manifest to only a minority of the world’s peoples. Are these countries blessed with a superior science that enables contact with the sublime? Have the others abused energy and been denied the grace of the Minister? What of those who live in Energy Limbo Land?


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*Many countries live in a strange Energy Limbo Land where some of their energy forms are deemed energy itself and others a not. Supreme control of energy itself eludes their Governments.

Other countries remain completely outside the state of grace and knowledge of the Minister of Energy. Fascinating. Some of these peoples have the most enduring civilisations and religions. Note to self: must journey sometime through the worlds of energy use and religion.

Examples of countries in the sublime relationship/ in sublime ignorance of the nature of energy include New Zealand, Australia (including most state governments) Japan, Thailand, (Iraq), Kenya, Colombia, Jordan, Philippines and Mexico. All have Ministers of Energy. The USA has a Secretary of Energy!

Examples of countries deprived of the sublime relationship/not in sublime ignorance of the nature of energy include China, India Italy, France, Germany, Mongolia, Nepal Singapore Taiwan Spain and Argentina. Their ministers are deemed to have control only over human’s use of energy forms


Chapter Four-Energy Rules -Energy out of Time       

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