I sit back to enjoy my new energy efficient cartoon. This is the life. Reduced utility bills. Going with the flow –cool when it is hot and hot when it is cool. I flick on the goggle box to see what the rest of the world is up to…

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       Feel like a relax and browse through a site full of good illustrations of building insulation ideas?  Be mindful that there are also polyester based insulations (not illustrated). These have the advantage they can be fixed in position to prevent slump. They are also retain their loft relatively effectively when draped over ceiling joists as blanket insulation. Blanket insulation has fewer breaks and thus reduced risk of gaps occurring.

 Foil can be used as an insulation and a particularly effective product involves sandwiching bubble wrap between two layers of foil. This forms a resiliant moisture and thermal barrier for under floors.


 Chapter Three - A Holey Pilgrimage-Holey Insulation

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